I know a lot of people want to download leaked songs and songs that haven't been official released so I made a partial JB discography folder with "Leaked songs", "Mixtape songs" (songs that were only released on mixtapes), "Soundcloud/YT/OVO songs" (songs that were released on SoundCloud, YouTube or Drake's OVO Radio), "Special Bonus Tracks" (not just the regular bonus tracks when you buy the deluxe album but Japanese/Swedish/Spotify/Amazon/Pre-Order bonus tracks), I also added extras like "Demos (songwriters or versions w/o JB)" and Stems (for those who don't know, "stems," also known as multitracks, are individual sections of a track. For example, there is a separate stem for vocals, strings, synths, etc. They are simply the channels bounced down to audio files..)

December 1, 2017: I created a new folder with Snippets. Most of the snippets are in there but the ones with a lot of snippets like No Reason, Infectious, etc... aren't.

December 16, 2017: Added a Acapellas/Instrumentals folder. I had them in the Stems folder first but I realized I had more instrumentals and made a seperate folder.

January 23, 2018: I added a new folder where you can hear the background vocals in a song and if there aren't any it's a not so clean instrumental. Folder is called Vocal remover (DIY BGV's/instrumentals) since I used vocal remover on Audacity.

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If there's a problem with downloading or you're searching for a song that isn't in any of these folders, leave a comment below. I'm not going to add singles or album tracks because you can just buy or stream these.